Ha Vinh Lam Nguyen
Fourier Transform Microwave Spectroscopy

2009 M.Sc. (summa cum laude)

I obtained my Master degree in March 2009 from the RWTH Aachen University, Germany. The master thesis entitled "Microwave spectroscopic investigation on allyl acetate" was performed in the group of Prof. Wolfgang Stahl, where I decided to pursuit my PhD thesis.

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Back: Prof. Wolfgang Stahl; front: my co-authors, who are also my good friends, from left: Lilian, me, Dragan, Daniela, Halima, and Yueyue. My son just turned three at that time.

The master thesis was dedicated to my parents, who encouraged me to come to Germany for my study. The hardest thing to overcome was learning German. In the second foto is an illustration of the group theory of allyl acetate.

Read my master thesis in paper form

2012 PhD (summa cum laude)

Three years after my master study, I defended my PhD thesis in March 2012.

Yueyue put me the doctor hat after my thesis defense. It did not want to sit well on my little head.

Have a look at my PhD thesis

2014 Associate professor at University Paris-Est Créteil

"Because I love the students." With this thought, I became an associate professor (tenure) at University Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC), France, from September 2014.

I took fotos with my first students. The first time is always something special. I learnt French with them, and they learnt sciences with me.

2019 Habilitation

Five years after starting my career as an associate professor at University Paris-Est Créteil, I defended my habilitation in May 2019.

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My comitee. From left: Dr. Maria-Luisa Senent-Diez, Prof. Antoine Jolly, Dr. Olivier Pirali, Dr. Vincent Boudon, Prof. Samir Kassi, me, Prof. Arnaud Cuisset, Dr. Amanda Ross, Prof. Roberto Linguerri.

The habilitation is dedicated to my molecules. Each paper I wrote is my love for one molecule.

Publishing is giving the molecules a life. That's why I publish.


Read my habilitation in review form


2019 Plenary lecture at the 26th Colloquium on HRMS

HRMS 2019 in Dijon, France, marked the 50th anniversary of this series of molecular spectroscopy conferences. I was very happy to stand there, giving a plenary lecture as an associate professor 10 years after having received the Amat-Mill Award as a first-year-PhD student at HRMS 2009 in Stabia, Italy.

More about HRMS

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  • My talk is dedicated to Jon and Li-Hong
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